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Theatrical poster belongs to the art of a theatre. This is a kind of a mirror of the performance, its mood and message, with which the theatre goes to the viewer at the moment of their first acquaintance. Even before the premiere, these «letters» to the spectator create the image of the future performance, grant the viewer an imagination about the upcoming meeting with the theater.

Today, due to the development of new digital technologies, when everything can be immediately posted on the Internet and social networks, the traditions of a printed theatre poster are going to the past from the streets and poster-display cabinets. Our exhibition tries to support the culture of this theatrical form.


Presenting theatrical posters of different countries (in different years these were posters of Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, France, Sweden) at each festival, we thus become acquainted not only with the repertoire variety of posters of theatres, but also with the variety of artistic dialogue between the theatre and the audience at the moment of the first meeting of the premiere and the viewer. A new exhibition is a mix of theatrical illusions and messages, an attempt by the theatre to save its face in the motley world of modern promotional materials.


17 International Theatre Kingfestival presents to your attention the exhibition of the Brazil theatrical posters, kindly provided to the festival by the CBTIJ/ASSITEJ Brasil and its head Cleiton Echeveste.

Huge thanks to Mrs. Bebe de Soares, Vice-President of ASSITEJ for her kind help and coordination of process.


We thank our colleagues from Brazil for the opportunity to get acquainted with the theatrical culture of Brazil, to get a new experience of theatrical promotion to the spectator and to find amazing paper artifacts of the visual image of the plays created by the hands of theatre artists and designers. This year we’ll present more then 20 wonderful works of theatres from Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo, Porto Alegre ets.

The exhibition is open during all the festival days in the foyer of Novgorod Theatre for children and youth “Mali” and is available for all viewers.


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