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?I would be grateful to you, if you gave me only half of an hour for us to stay together even not long. Perhaps, when next time you will go to church?? from Carl to Frida, 1902

?I am the patient. But I?m the happiest of all the patients and shall never recover. Because I am sick of you. I live in my own world and it is constructed from an air dream, in this world there is a place only for you and me? from Timur to Elvira, 1986

?You are a surgeon and understand well in knives and scalpels. But not in human hearts. You were my life for long years? from Utta to Silvio 1997 (from the undispatched letter)

Words of love and words of parting, meek requests for the first meeting and entreaty about a new meeting: the Swiss project ?5000 love letters? represents itself the audio-bar, in the menu of which there are lots of love letters, more than for last hundred years: from the proposing in 1898 till email exchange of 2004. Sitting down in a comfortable armchair with a suitable drink, visitors can take pleasure in the chosen letters, whether it is secret love of Pia in 1977, pleading of Max for the second chance in 1911, quivering confession of Merret in 1996, or Henry’s hope for a meeting after the war. The first show of «5000 love letters? took place in theatre Neumarkt, Zurich, in February, 2004 — the letters used in this project are given by «Zurich archive of love letters?, created for the scientific purposes and possessing more than 5000 love letters from Switzerland and Germany.
For performances in Russia 37 letters were translated and re-written in Russian, also original Russian love letters were added
to the project.

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