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performance-fantasy for children (and not only)

19 April, 14.00, 17.00 (on stage of Novgorod Drama theatre)

    performance-fantasy for children (and not only)

    A story about great Kindness, all-conquering Love and Miracle that lives in each of us.
    The story narrates about an important event in the life of mankind — the birth of Jesus Christ. Biblical heroes, their plastic expression, stage light and live music — all these things will take us two thousand years back into the atmosphere of incipient miracle. During the performance children follow the Gospel story step by step with the actors. They together create unexpected images for it on a specially equipped theatre table, which gathers everybody. The children are not only full members, but also creators of the performance. It helps the children to be completely involved in the play, trust their imagination and dream with us. We will be happy to show children that miracle lives in each of us. One should only believe…

    The performance took part at the International Children’s Theatre Festival “Gavroche 2012”
    The performance won the Russian National Theatre Award “Harlequin 2013”

    The story of Jesus birth in ancient Bethlehem in the family of Mary and Joseph is narrated by Sasha Proshin (Vladimir Logvinov) and Lena Dementyeva who are sitting at a wooden table. Their performance about the great event in the world is made of everyday things: pots, threads, flour and feathers. And every spectator has a chance to take part in the story of a miracle.

    • Creative Association 9 is a union of young people of different professions: directors, actors, artists and musicians. We are all graduates of Moscow theatrical and musical institutions. We are united by the desire to do what we really like. That is why the Association is called «Creative» and without a doubt it includes you — our dear audience.

      Ivan Vyrypayev about the performance: Guys from “T9” came to us with a ready play. It happens in our theatre, but not very often. After watching their performance we understood that it was exactly what we had dreamed of. It is a profound and soulful performance. The act is very intimate and it is unfolding right in front of us as if it is on our table and we are not only the audience, but participants. The beautiful and mystical story of the birth of Christ turns into a holiday. Not a formal celebration and not even religious, but a truly sacred and very personal holiday. It is a holiday that is always with us and within us, the holiday of light and love, without pathos and excessive mythology. And though the play is about Christ, this performance is for children and adults who practice different religions. That is because there is no concept in the centre of the artistic act, but there is a feeling. It is not a sermon, but a real contact.

      Ivan Pachin about the performance: Children and adults often ask themselves the same questions: Who or what is God? Is there love in the world? What is happiness? When we were working on the performance, we didn’t attempt to adapt it for children. We offer children to dream and ponder together with us on a complex, adult, but at the same time very important topic.
      We sincerely rejoice when there is a miracle of co-creation and when small spectators become full participants of the performance.

      Director – Ivan Pachin

      Stage designer — Anastasia Grigoryeva

      Performers – Elena Dementyeva, Vladimir Logvinov

      Duration – 50 minutes

      Age – 4+


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