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Gabor Goda

Mystery of murder and law. Cain and Moses, the two murderers, under one hat. Cain killed. He struck down his brother with a stone. We hardly know anything else about him. Cain is a murderer. Moses killed. Then he wrote in stone «THOU SHALT NOT KILL». Moses, the lawmaker. Stone in the heart. Stone in the hand. Stone in the head. You could also be Cain if suddenly you were to become one of many, where once you were the only One. Where everything that once belonged to you becomes common property. And where is Abel? Poor Abel. (Poor Stone).Movement-dance, dance injected with arts, body-poetry, thought theatre.

Director? G?bor Goda

Music composer: Erzsi Kiss

Performed by: Tam?s Bak?, G?bor Goda, Bea Gold, Erzsi Kiss (guest artist), P?ter Lipka

Duration ? 1 h.

Artus ? G?bor Goda Company was founded in 1985. Originally a dance theater-based company, Artus has incorporated elements of visual art and new technologies into its shows over the last years. Guided by movement, visual and music elements, the group?s performances do not create a story-telling theatre but develop around a central theme and motifs as a web of associations in which the performers freely play. «Humans are judged not upon their words but their actions. The abstraction of their actions is dance itself. The essence of the dramaturgy of the Artus performances is rhythm, visuality, unexpected turns and opposing actions. The scenes are organized around a central idea and they become analogies to this main theme» (G?bor Goda).

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