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a fantastic expedition to the wild north
Inspired by the novel of Arkadiy Gaidar

On an icy plain at the end of the world, a lost postman caught in the blizzard!
A memory of his childhood comes to rescue him: The memory of his brother Chook, their games and dreams. The memory of their Mama, who loved them and always parted their games.
And the memory of their father, whom they dreamed of so much: What if one day Daddy, who worked in the far-far North, with no time to go home for his holidays, would wrote their Mom asking her to come and visit him with the boys? Goodbye big cities, factories, villages and hamlets! Ahead lies the land of woods and hills, and dense black forests ?

Concept and direction ? Maria Kritskaya

Stage Design ? Ekaterina Malinina

Work with sound — Ilya Netsvetaev, Leonid Levin

Main music theme ? Zinaida Lichtenfeld

Author of animated cartoon ? Asya Marakulina

Consultant by movement ? Segey Romanuk

Costumes ? Sergey Illarionov
Performers — Vladimir Antipov, Alexander Lenin, Maria Shustrova

Producing of premiere: staff of Nordland Visual Theatre, Stamsund, Norway, supported by Barentzs Kult

Duration ? 1 hour 10 min

Age? 7+

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