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by Charles Perrault

Cinderella! Who hasn?t dream about her destiny? Who hasn?t wander ?what could make me happy?? When bird lands on someone?s shoulder and why? … No one knows. Still, we could learn from Cinderella?s story that luck goes to those who are ready for it. That goodness, sympathy and patience are always rewarded. And the greatest happiness comes when you find your soul mate, when you recognize him and fall in love ? when you find your Prince. The old fairytale has lots of lessons. When it brings inspiration to a puppet performance that?s when the real magic comes. Messages become beautiful and powerful art. Only Theatre could do that and everyone who can feel it is blessed.

  • The theatre has about 55 years of history
    State Puppet Theatre ? Stara Zagora has a highly varied and balanced repertoire meeting spectators? expectations. The repertoire includes performances based on classic, contemporary and experimental puppetry pieces both for children and adults which creates sustainable development and spiritual environment. Theatre has excellent reputation and stable partnership with NGO-s, business representatives, government and municipal cultural entities etc. Its institutional structure includes highly professional creative, technical and administrative staff. Theatre is organizer and host of the International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival ?PIERROT? which is unique in Europe. It keeps a wide international network of partners, presenting the Bulgarian puppetry art worldwide and learning from the world?s best models. International art laboratories and workshops are organized for theatre?s staff in order to enrich its artistic tools, to encourage the creative processes and to enhance the professional self-confidence.

    Director ?Elza Laleva
    Staging and directing ? Elza Laleva
    Stage design ? Svila Velichkova
    Music ? Konstantin Tsekov

    Cast — Vanya Kamyanska, Gergana Vasileva, Bilyana Raynova, Elitsa Stoyanova, Delyan Kyosev, Kaloyan Georgiev, Yancho Ivanov

    Duration — 60 minutes

    Age of the audience — 7+

    State Puppet Theatre ? Stara Zagora

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