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after H.C. Andersen



      The play originated following the idea, invitation and support of the Hans Christian Andersen foundation 2005 (Denmark) and is part of the program for the worldwide celebration of the 200th anniversary of Andersen?s birth.

      A story snugged among drifts of dazzling snow, about true value of the simple things of life. A story about an old woman and an old man that happened at a fair where a kiss turns our to be worth more than gold, and love ? the most valuable commodity. A story which reminds us that only love makes things in life appear beautiful. A story about need to have somebody by our side, somebody we can trust irrevocably and somebody who will always be glad to see us as we are.

        Two clowns as white as snow tell a story that happened in old, snowy Denmark, in a small village cuddled in the snowdrifts like a nose under a thick blanket. At the end of the village there was a small cottage — there lived an old man and his wife ? Mammy and Daddy. A ragged blanket and an old horse ? that was all they possessed. But they were happy with what they had and their cottage was never in want of good mood. And anything Daddy did, Mammy would say, ?Daddy`s always right !?. And would give him a sweet kiss. As for Daddy, he would do just about anything for one of Mammy`s kisses. He even eagerly went off to the fair in town, amidst the cold winter, to trade their only horse for something that would be of greater use to them?

      • Credo Theatre is an independent theatre founded in 1992 in Sofia by actors Nina Dimitrova and Vassil Vassilev — Zuek, graduates of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts ? NATFIZ. Credo is a theatre of the diverse artistic means of expression. Combining language from puppetry and drama, clowning, commedia dell’arte and pantomime the company seeks unexpected, expressive theatrical expression to communicate with the audience. With Credo the viewer is an equal partner in the performance. And to ensure this partnership is truly mutual, the company always performs in the language of the country they are touring, investing time and care in adapting the versions to the various languages. Credo Theatre opened its first theatre season with the production of «THE OVERCOAT» after GOGOL which brought the company national and international acclaim — ?ver 500 performances presented at over 150 international festivals all over the world. The Overcoat? grew into nine different versions in nine different languages (Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russia, Serbian, Gree?, Japanese). «The Overcoat» was listed by ?The List? magazine in the «Top 20″ Best Art Events of the Edinburgh Festival, UK in 1997 and by the ?Guardian? newspaper among the five best performances in London when in 2000 the production was presented at the Barbican Centre. The last production of Credo Theatre, ?Daddy`s always right ?after Andersen , was created by invitation of and supported by the Hans Christian Andersen foundation 2005 (Denmark) and was a part of the international programme for the worldwide celebration of the 200th anniversary of Andersen?s birth in Denmark (2005). ?rue to its credo to diversify its productions, Credo Theatre developed ?Daddy`s always right? into three different version in three different languages (Bulgarian, English, Russian). Up to now the production was presented in over 20 international festivals in Bulgaria and abroad and its three different versions are recipients of three international awards. In 2008 The Union of Bulgarian Artists awarded Credo Theatre with the Best National Theatre Award ?IKAR? for its contribution to popularizing Bulgarian theatre and culture all over the world.

      Idea, stage version, directing, set and costume design ? Nina Dimitrova, Vassil Vassilev — Zuek
      Script — Nina Dimitrova, Yury Dachev
      Performers — Nina Dimitrova, Vassil Vassilev — Zuek

      Duration ? 1 hour

      Age ? 14+

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