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Projeto GOMPA, Brazil


21 APRIL, 11.00-00.00 ONLINE

Projeto GOMPA, Porto Alegre, Brazil

“FRANKINH@»  Little Frank — A story in little pieces

Little Frank — A story in little pieces is a play for children and teenagers inspired by the characters and situations of Mary Shelley’s literary work, Frankenstein. The story, already a classic among different generations, functions here as a starting point for discussions about childhood, growth, loss, isolation, bullying, friendship, self-esteem, creativity, and acceptance of oneself and others. The story is told through narration, theater, dance, visual arts, and an original soundtrack, reinventing the first literary work of science fiction.


Projeto GOMPA is an awarded Brazilian collective of artists created in 2014 that develops dramaturgical and scenic language experimentation and researches possible crossings between theatre, dance, music, visual and audiovisual arts, with an emphasis on the fusion of different arts as a narrative principle. The group also has a special focus on experimenting with languages that expand the limits of what we understand as theater for adults and theater for children and youth.

Author — Camila Bauer and Marco Catalão

Director – Camila Bauer
Set designer – Elcio Rossini
Light designer — Ricardo Vivian
Costume designer — Daniel Lion
Choreographer — Carlota Albuquerque
Composer — Álvaro RosaCosta
Actors – Fabiane Severo, Liane Venturella and Thiago Ruffoni

Duration – 47 minutes

Age of public  — + 6

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