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contemporary dance
by Daniel Abreu

The starting point of the performance are body and movement. Each dancer acts individually, although the space is common. Each of them tell their own story and the audience decides who is who and what relationship between the characters is. Sense of stage activities is created by viewers. Their presence makes dancers take postures that strive for communication and have certain meanings. They are out of reach, they can be watched but they can?t be influenced in such a way that would change the meaning of images. Dance is a method of reaching beyond the surface, to the sense and meaning of relationships, which can be noticed only from the outside.

Daniel Abreu develops his personal style and language of dance which is created in his different choreographies. He analyses in detail movement, mixing it with other ways of expression like photography, theatre. His performances are usually very economical, minimalistic set underlines the role of light and movement. The point of reference is always movement itself and communicating with its help. It is an alphabet thanks to which a unique language of Daniel Abreu is created.

  • The Zawirowania Dance Theatre was founded in 2004 and was the first steady dance theatre group in Warsaw. It consists of the contemporary dancers. The first premiere of The Zawirowania was: ?Hold me tight? to the music by Astor Piazzolla. Six others premieres followed, among others; ?Kill if you love? in co-operation with the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan, ?After hours? and ?Chopin ambiente? with a Spanish group Larumbe Danza. Performances aiming at showing emotions through movement come into being. The artists have so far performed abroad, among others in Budapest, Prague, Madrid, Vitebsk, Odessa and on Crete. The theatre takes part in educational activity ? there have been yearlong workshops organized since last year, that end with a performance made by their young participants. The Zawirowania Dance Theatre organizes The European Dance Theatre Festival which takes place annually in June ( first edition took place in 2005)

    Director, choreography — Daniel Abreu

    Stage designer— Daniel Abreu

    Music composer — Alva Noto, Julian Nieto

    Dancers — Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Bartek Figurski, Szymon Osiński

    Duration — 40 min.

    Age ? 16+

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