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home tale
Nadezhda Alexeeva


Performance creates with support by
State and Public Support Programme for Theatres for Children and Young People

under the Auspices of the President of the Russian Federation
with support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

If you want to return to the happy moments of childhood, it is enough just to recall your recent moments of “happiness and sorrow”, and share them with those, who are not bored with their children’s world, who continue to examine the taste, smell and colour, power and weakness, love and dislike of surrounding world. Performance is based on observations and personal memories that have been given rise during the travel of adult’s soul to the children’s world and back.



Boredom is the biggest enemy of every child (as well as of every performance). The opening night in the Novgorod theatre for youth and children «Mali», for children older than 3 years, is exactly about overcoming boredom and flight of fancy. Performance «Little Feelings» directed by Nadezhda Alexeeva, is concentrated on the episodes of a child’s life, which is short so far. «Turning into» are exact words that should be used here, because every short story turns from one into another. Loneliness in the bedroom causes a noisy walk with small gum boots and shoes. These imaginary friends play in a sand-box with a great delight and scatter sand everywhere. A teddy bear in the rucksack gets lost in the noisy subway (while his owner is setting off for the imaginary travel) and after a series of adventures and flights finds himself at the top of the world. Adults consider it to be only a top of the pillow, but children see it as Mount Everest, from which teddy bear looks round. The main hero (Marina Vikhrova) steps aside, because she is only an inventor of all the things in the house: adventures, travels, feats and fantasies. Her manipulations with her own small universe give us an image of a child, who is left alone and who plunges with joy into the world of fancy. Children’s world for her is not a distant space that adults regard with nostalgia. She believes that toothpaste-made house is a real one.

Performance «Little feelings» (home tale), directed by Nadezhda Alexeyeva, is already successfully on. «Little Feelings» is a delicate chamber play, filled with love of the fragile world of a little man. The main hero is a home alone child, who with the help of his imagination reproduces everyday details giving them a funny fantasy. Here we see small gum boots walking, puddling enthusiastically on the playground, making fountains of happiness when it’s raining. Over there we see a teddy bear that always accompanies children, setting off for his first travel, almost a cosmic one. This teddy bear is an actual alter ego of every child, he is afraid of flying and dreams of travels that attract with bunch of airports and rucksacks. Even a pillow can appear to be here Mont Blanc, opening another reality for the teddy bear. Maybe that’s why it is emphasized that the teddy bear is a real toy from children’s bedroom, ready for feats or feeling sad if it is forgotten on the bench (it is autumn, a leaf flies past or a small package ? quite a sad picture in general). And then it is fun again, because there is a house somewhere that will be painted with a small hand (again child’s one!) on a thin film. Little spectators laugh and empathize, even calm parents down, if it is getting dark round the little hero, and suggest the idea of a new game. Theatre like this, which is involved into the world of a little man, gives a lot to the emotional world of a child. Actress Marina Vikhrova goes through the world of children’s dreams as a «home» hero and a very nice house-spirit, who can fill every flat with the joy of the moment.

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In the performance the main hero finds many adventures and entertainments as well as every child, being left at home alone. He invents games that send him to the travel by plane; he organizes a research expedition to the airport. The story of Nadezhda Alexeeva tells us about children’s feelings, about what they like and dislike. Experience of a little man is filled with these feelings. And you can go back again to the games of your childhood, feel the taste of finding treasures in usual things. The performance helps to regard homeworld as a real domestic universe, where a restless small house-spirit lives.

Participant of Special program of National Award and Festival for children “Harlequin” 2015, St.Petersburg

Participant of Special program of National Award and Festival “Golden Mask” 2014, Moscow

Participant of International Theatre festival “Big Breakfest” in Moscow and Voronezh (Russia) 2014

Participant of International Theatre festival Luaga und Losna, Austria 2014

Participant of International Theatre festival, Lugano, Switzerland, 2014

Participant of Summer International Theatre Korea ASSITEJ festival 2014, Seoul, Korea

Performance participant of International Theatre Kingfestival Velikiy Novgorod, 2013)

Author, Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage Designer — Igor Semonov
Light designer — Larisa Deduh

Actress — Marina Vihrova
Assistant — Anastasia Alexeeva

Duration — 50 min.

Age — 3+




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