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physical theatre for teenagers

venue: Novgorod Philharmonic hall

    ?M of Macbeth? is playing on two levels. On one hand there is the war of Shakespeare?s Macbeth as we all know it, on the other there is the inner war that every teenager experiences on the bridge between the old (child) identity and the new (grown up) identity. For both (Macbeth and the teenager) there is this constant danger of loosing itself during this struggle. At that point, the eagerness of truly becoming someone, sometimes gets a grim face. The performance ?M of Macbeth? does not specifically show physical violence, but tries to show the spectator what violence and power can cause to the well being of ones soul. The performance shows a war as a inner experience. In ?M of Macbeth? Nevski Prospekt searches for the embodiment of this inner struggle, as it occurs as well as in Shakespeare?s Macbeth as in the daily life of teenagers. ?M of Macbeth? is not a classical version of Shakespeare?s play, but a pure physical and abstract interpretation. One teenager and four professional actors on stage make a bridge of inner war between 1600 and 2012.

    • NEVSKI PROSPEKT is a collective founded by theatre makers Ives Thuwis, Wim De Winne en Gregory Caers.
      The three met in Kopergietery (Ghent) were they made and played shows with and for a young audience, some of these highly successful and critically acclaimed: ?Rennen? (Run), ?Koekoekkind? (Out in the Woods), ?Stil ne keer?, ?Appelblauwzeeziek?, ?Brief?, ?Angels?, ?Balmoral?.
      Out of these experiences grew a wayward and unique view of theatre for young people.

      NEVSKI PROSPEKT desires to make theatre an experience that
      touches the spectator. They use their unique physical theatre language to stimulate the imagination of the spectator and awaken his personal dreams and desires. Almost as important as what happens on stage is the way the audience reaches and leaves that stage. For every production the collective looks for a specific way to creatively involve the young audience (for example in HOP, the children are partly responsible for the set design).

      NEVSKI PROSPEKT?s performances are a total experience that starts the moment you enter the building and resonates even after you have left.

    Idea & Concept ? Nevski Prospekt (Gregory Caers, Wim De Winne & Ives Thuwis ? De Leeuw)
    Choreography & Performance ? Gregory Caers, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Ezra Dylan Fieremans, Simon De Winne, Wim De Winne, Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert & Ives Thuwis-De Leeuw
    Music — Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert
    Set design — Nevski Prospekt

    Costumes — Inge Coleman
    Light design — Jeroen Doise

    Duration ? 50 min.

    Age ? 15


    Fotocredits: Tim De Backer

    Thanks to CULTUURCENTRUM DE SPIL, Roeselare & die Vlaamse Overheid

    M van MACBETH from Nevski Prospekt on Vimeo.

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