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NANOHACH company &Jan Komarek:?DeRbeetle?, NANOHACH company &Lea Svejdova: ?HECHIZADA DE LUXE?

contemporary dance


    NANOHACH company &Jan Komarek:?DeRbeetle?

      Design and direction, choreographer and performer ? Jan Komarek
      Co-creation and interpretation ? Honza Malik

      Duration ? 20 MIN.

      A dance for one man, one table, one chair, one light, and one sound.
      Halfnaked body and its fumbling path on the tabletop, lighted only by one light
      bulb is surrounded by the ?unknown universe.? It speaks to us with the verve
      and urgency of Francis Bacon?s painting about the status of man in the world:
      the fragility, vanity and the unpredictability of its existence… Nomination for the Best Interpretation Award 2009.

      «… the space of the table reduces the movement vocabulary to contorted, bizarre movements, which however do not seem bizarre at all. There is a touching fragility in them and a fear and vulnerability radiating from the body of the charismatic Malik, whose performance in this piece is truly impressive» Daniela Zilvarova /

      performance by Lea Svejdova: HECHIZADA DE LUXE?

        Choreographer and performer ? Lea Svejdova
        Music ? Marek Kopelent
        Light Designer ? Jan Komarek

        Duration ? 15 min.

        Age ? 16+

        Lea Svejdova: HECHIZADA DE LUXE / — a dance solo inspired by contemporary music of Czech composer Marek Kopelent. Project was creation thanks to inication of Jarmila Jerabkova choreographical Award in Prague and was premiered (2005) in Minneapolis /USA/. It was also shown at World Performing Arts in Lahore /Pakistan/, Off-Limits festival in Dortmund /Germany/ and 13.Festival de Marseille /France/.?Hechizada de Luxe? was nominated for a SAZKA Award 2008.

      • NANOHACH is a contemporary dance theatre company founded (2004) by graduates of the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague. The company’s mission is to create a platform for the realization of dance-theatre projects of a high professional level and to creatively co-operate with international choreographers and cultural organizations. All NANOHACH performances have drawn attention from both critics and audiences. NANOHACH is centered in the Czech Republic, but has presented itself throughout the world with performances in Argentina, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, UK and The United States.

      Official site of NANOHACH.CZ

      Photos: Vojta Brtnicky

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