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    Nomination to National Theatre Award ?Golden Mask? — 2011

    Performance «Odyssey» is a mythical journey through the story of the people, the sea, the land in wondering of truth with daring explosive hip-hop choreography, dramatic diving into the world of the far white north, the endless spinning choreography between heat and cold. Heroes of show are strangers in the white world of the cold, wondering of elusive world of native spaces..

  • Martin Jossen held school of Dominique Boivin?s modern dance, she was his assistance in 1999 at Savoy. Abdenur Bellali danced in performances of Kader Attou, the founder of «Akrorap» (the most famous troupe, working in a hip-hop) and he worked with Kader Attou in the play «Prayer for fools» as choreographer. In 1994, Martin Jossen and Abdenur Bellali created dance company ?Alexandra N’Possee? in Chambery. They presented ten original performances (with show ?Nos limites? the company was touring in St. Petersburg). Right from the start, the company has developped an educational policy of trainings in hip hop dance at a national and international level (in Germany, Tunisia, Republic of Haiti) . By the initiative of administration of the region Rhône-Alpes, they introduced the course of hip-hop in the National School of Music and Dance of Annecy and Chambery. They are actively working with disabled children and received the prize of the People’s Bank of France (2006). In 2000, 2002 and 2004, the company organized a troupe of 200 dancers and circus artists from Savoie for the Biennial procession of Dance in Lyon. Within Russia-France cross-cultural year choreographers created saga about the northern tribe, wandering of light and meaning together with seven dancers hip-hop team ?Gast Life? from Murmansk

The collaboration is within the framework of ?Cross-France-Russia Year?2010 national program, with support of Embassy of France, FRANCE INSTITUTE IN RUSSIA and TOTAL company

Choreography and direction — Martin Jossen and Abdenur Bellali (company Alexandra N?Possee, France)

Performers — Vyacheslav Burtzev, Igor Kolobov, Sergey Medvedkov, Vitaliy Akhmedov, Vladimir Trohov, Alexey Kosih, Vadim Ladiko

Duration ? 1 hour

Age ? 14+

Official site of GUST LIFE , Russia

Official site of Alexandra N?Possee, France

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