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reading of Swiss plays for youth
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with support of ASSITEJ SWITZERLAND and Novgorod State University

In collaborate with the National Center of ASSITEJ Switzerland and its executive secretary Mrs. Irene Howald, Festival Organizing Committee presents a non-profit cultural project dedicated to contemporary Switzerland drama for youth. The festival presents plays written by four leading Switzerland playwrights.

The project managed in partnership with the Faculty of Linguistics and Crosscultural Communication of Novgorod State University (and personally with the Dean of faculty Dr. Elena Zhukova).

Actors of Novgorod Theatre for Children and Youth ?Mali? present the plays in Russian translation in borders of special stage-reading.

Lorenz Langenegger «Nordwarts» (Forward to the north)

  • Lorenz Langenegger, born in 1980, lives and writes in Zurich and Vienna. Studies in theatre- and political sciences at the University of Bern. He has written several plays for theatre, among them works for theSchaubühne Berlin and the Nationaltheater Mannheim. In 2006 he won the playwriting competition by theSchaubühne Berlin. In 2009 his debut novel Hier im Regen has been published by Jung und Jung in Salzburg. For this he was awarded with the 2009 Franz Tumler-Prize and the Literature Prize by the city of Bern.

    Anna Papst «Die Schlaferinnen» (Sleepers) (translated by Anastasia Schukina and Natalia Petrova)

  • Anna Papst was born in 1984 and grew up in Nunikon, a small village near Zurich. In 2004 she participated in the workshop series ?Schreiben fur die Buhne» («writing for the stage?). In 2005 she worked as assistant director for Sebastian N?bling and Rafael Sanchez at Basel Theatre. In 2006 she was selected for Interplay Europe. Since 2006 she has been a directing student at Zurich University of Arts. With her lastest play she was invited to the young artist’s festival «Kaltstart 2009″ in Hamburg, Germany. In Fall 2009 she will be attending Anne Bogart’s directing class at Columbia University, New York.

    Andri Beyeler «The killer in me is the killer in you my love» (translated by Ekaterina Zaitseva and Julia Filkina)

  • Andri Beyeler born in 1976 in Schaffhausen, lives in Bern. He writes adaptations and plays and is a member of the free dance-theatre-group ?Kumpane?. Several invitations to the Frankfurter Playwrights forum for Children and Youth Theatre. 2002: invitation to the playwrights theatre-days at the Thalia Theater Hamburg; 2002/2003: writer in residence at the Nationaltheater Mannheim; 2003/2004: participation at the Playwrights Project ?Dichter ans Theater? (poets closer to the theatre) of the Staatstheater Stuttgart; 2004: invitation to the Forum of Young European Playwrights in Wiesbaden, to the Playwrights Workshop at the Burgtheater Wien and German award for Youth-Theatre; 2005: Brothers Grimm Award, 2006: Support Award of the Canton of Bern.

    Tina Muller «8 Vater» (Eight fathers)

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