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performance for the very young
Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

venue: Novgorod theatre ?Mali?



        Lie down comfortably and you will see how much can happen then. We would like to invite you to a cosy and soft world of a big duvet that hides countless secrets inside. Feel free and secure. Find out how much happens between dream and reality. ?Sleep? is a performance about how a seemingly mundane activity of going to sleep can turn out to be inspiring and surprising. This is a spectacle which observes everyday life in an unusual way and, with inquisitiveness typical for babies, discovers the world.
        ?Sleep? has been created especially for the really little spectators, and more precisely ? children from several months to 3 years old. For them we created safe, cosy and comfortable space, in which they will be able to feel completely free, be not only spectators, but also guests.

        • ?Sleep? begins a new repertoire trend: Baj?s Babies (Bajowe Najnaje), within which spectacles for the very young will be produced in the Baj Theatre. ?Sleep? has been invited to several children’s theatre festivals, including the most important Polish festival dedicated to theatre for the very young: Sztuka Szuka Malucha (The Art is Looking for Babies) in Poznań on Malta Festival. In season 2012/2013 performance will be performed also abroad ? in Cameroon, France and Italy. The performance ?Sleep? is a combination of the oldest Polish theatre for children?s tradition with the untamed imagination and inquisitiveness of young creators and the enormous experience of creativity psychologists and instructors. Alicja Morawska-Rubczak ? known as a critic and theatre for children curator, the only specialist in Poland in the field of theatre for the very young, this time appears in the role of director and stage designer of the performance. Spectacles for babies, brimming with sensory sensations, affecting all the senses, are characterized by enormous sensitivity to the tiny spectator, willingness to communicate with him, using his own language. Lack of narrative structure or a traditional storytelling is not an obstacle to unusually creative and revealing formula of the spectacle, in which the most important factor is the meeting with the audience. It is a very sensual theatre, in which colours, shapes, sounds or even tastes and smells have their roles to play. ?Sleep? is the essence of the good theatre for the very young, and moreover, the first project in Poland implemented on the basis of workshop work with children in the crèche combined with consultations with creativity instructors.

        Director, stage design ? Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

        Consultations-pedagogues, creativity trainers ? — Dominika Orlowska, Karolina Taranko

        Music composer ? Wojciech Morawski

        Live music performed ? Robert Kowalczyk
        Actors — Elzbieta Bieda, Andrzej Bocian

        DURATION ? 30 minutes + 15 minutes of playtime

        AGE ? 2+


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