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theatrical fantasy for children and adults

The main hero of the performance is the first Man who gets in the company of five Angels. They become his parents, friends and teachers like real guard-angels. The Man receives the most necessary knowledges to established the world harmony. He learns to speak, to feel, but it is not enough to become happy. For a high-grade life he needs another person.
The world surrounding the Man is solved in the aesthetics of child ‘s picture — it is naive, sometimes even primitive — but it is a world, which a child can draw on a paper. The space of performance, purely theatrically, is everything possible in this space. It’s a place where dreams, fantasies, presentiments and fears come alive. On a border of these two worlds — real and unreal, concrete and figurative — the history of the beginning of the world takes place.

Concept and director — N. Lapina
Stage designer — N. Slobodyanic
Costumes — M. Luca
Ballet master — I. Lyahovskaya
Music director — V. Bichkivskiy
Actors — V. Lubskiy, E, Keniya, A. Lenin, K. Taskin, V. Chernishov, D. Makeev, O. Glushkova

Duration — 1h. 20 min.

State Theater For Young Audience Named After
A. A. Bryantsev, St-Petersburg is one of the oldest theaters in Russia. It was founded in Petrograd in 1922 by a famous director and pedagogue, the National Artist of the USSR, Bryantsev. During the period from 1969 to 1985 Z. Korogodsky, the National Artist of Russia, one of the most outstanding masters of the domestic children’s theatre, was the head of the Theatre For Young Audience. The career biographies of L. Dodin, V. Filshtinsky, G. Taratorkin, A. Shuranova,
A. Hochinsky, U. Kamorny, O. Volkova and many other masters of the modern Petersburg and Moscow stages are connected with this period.
Today the repertoire of the theater of young audience includes about thirty titles. Today the theatre is headed by the producer Svetlana Lavretsova and the prize-winner of State Award of Russia Grigory Kozlov. Last years the performances of the Saint-Petersburg Theater For Young Audience gained respect at the many Russian and international theatrical festivals.

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