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interactive show about time and seasons of the planet Gaia, with a particular focus on the birth and the growth.
By Marcello Chiarenza


    There is a garden. Inside the garden, there is a chick in its egg who doesn?t want to peck is way out from its eggshell, because it?s comfortable to be in the nest, enclosed in a warm cocoon. The garden keepers must protect the egg. Seasons go by and in the early spring the chick is born. This production arose from the partnership between the Swiss company Teatro Pan and Marcello Chiarenza, an Italian author, director and stage designer.
    In collaboration with the English company Lyngo Theatre and the Belgian company Sprookjes, Marcello Chiarenza?s shows have been performed in several European countries and the United States. Known for their distinctive style of performing, unanimously acclaimed. The Garden of Gaia presents a new kind of staging, which encourages a very young audience and their parents to interact on stage with materials and actors: a sort of theatre game where everyone is protagonist and takes part to the performing act.
    Marcello Chiarenza has created outstanding performances for children, characterized by a total interactivity between actors and the audience of all ages as well as an evocative spell in the building of images, which are symbolic figures able to speak to children of every language and culture.

  • The Teatro Pan is a touring theatre company based in Lugano, Switzerland. It was founded in 1975 and has been touring with its productions for children, youth and adults. With its creations it regularly participates in various international theatre festivals around the world. Since its foundation in Lugano the Teatro Pan has become an important cultural and artistic reality of the region and has created synergies between the artists in residence and many guest artists coming from different countries. From the very beginning the Teatro Pan addresses its works mainly to a youth and children public but has the peculiarity of going beyond the borders of age and involves also the adults. The particular care given to the creative work of the actor, the dramaturgy and the choice of the themes of the pieces inspires privileged moments of reflection. Next to the productions the Teatro Pan offers a diverse range of events and projects. Every year it organises the International Theatre Festival FIT (the 20th FIT will take place in October 2011) and the festivals ?Senza confini, grandi e piccini insieme a teatro» (Without borders, children and adults go together to the theatre). It also develops theatrical and pedagogic projects for schools offering young people stimuli for reflection.

Director — Marcello Chiarenza, Pietro Chiarenza

Stage designer — Marcello Chiarenza
Scenography construction — Elvis van der Meyden

Music composer — Carlo Cialdo Capelli
Actors — Elena Chiaravalli, Karin Hochapfel
Translator — Daniela Almansi

Duration — 45 min.

Age ? 2+

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