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fairy tale
by Pyotr Ershov / Stage Version of Oleg Rybkin

on stage of Novgorod Drama theatre

    Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Krasnoyarsk Krai

      THE LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE? is one the famous Russian fairy tale creating by Krasnoyarsk theatre with a lot of fantasy and humor. Fanstastic adventures of Ivan the Fool with help of LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE become a chance to make musical show for little children with live music and colorful costumes. Actor?s courage and ironic make this performance one of the interesting productions for children today.

      • The first Krasnoyarsk theatre was built in 1874. A year later the first performance there was given by the first professional troupe assembled by an entrepreneur A. Egorov. Since then the history of the theatre has begun. In 1898, a building was burnt down. At that time townspeople were raising money for the People’s House construction. Due to the existent situation it was decided to build such a cultural centre, a theatre. It was built in 1902 and named after A. Pushkin in honour of the recently held centennial anniversary of the poet. After the revolution of 1917 the theatre existed under different names. In 1935, it was given a status of the regional theatre and again named after A. Pushkin. Here worked many eminent Soviet directors: A. Volgin, P. Monastyrsky, A. Dunaev, S. Kazimirovsky, E. Gelfand, V. Bukharin, N. Basin, L. Belyavsky, I. Borisov. Since 2006 O. A. Rybkin, a pupil of the great director Pyotr Fomenko, has headed the theatre. Being a mature master, he has produced a wide range of performances that have found a broad response not only among its audience and organizations but also among first-rate experts and critics. The troupe under his charge has become one of the leading troupes in the country and has won the recognition at regional, national and international festivals. In 2011, a magazine ?Forbes? put Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin in the top 10 ratings of Russian troupes.

          Director ? Oleg Rybkin
          Stage Designer ? Elena Turchaninova
          Composer ? Ekaterina Berestova

          Actors — people?s artist of Russia A. Isachenko, honoured artist of Russia S. Ilyina, V. Abakanovsky, I. Yanjuk, A. Daryala, S. Danilenko, A. Medvedeva, T. Chubara, O. Bratsev, O. Polyak-Braginskaya

          Duration ? 1 hour

          Age 7 + p>
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