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common decencies for doggies in one act
Andrey Usachev

21 April, 12.00 (on stage of Novgorod Philharmonic Hall)

    It is a funny and touching story about clever doggie Sonya getting acquainted with “peculiarities” of adult life. Her curiosity causes various amusing events and adventures, some of which are dangerous for Sonya. But after all everything ends well both for Sonya and her owner Ivan Ivanovich Korolyov. Two actors staying on the almost empty stage create a wonderful world only by means of paper, paint, felt pens and their own hands.

    • The youth theatre “Engagement” is the youngest of the professional theatres in the Tyumen’ region. Since its first days the theatre management performs Leonid Okunev. For more than 20 years plays of the theatre “Engagement” have been making people think of the sense of life, raising important youth social questions, confirming universal human values. The originality of repertoire and the modern stage language have allowed the theatre “Engagement” to participate successfully in national, regional and local festivals. During 20 years of its existence the theatre “Engagement” has taken part in 27 international and interregional theatre festivals and has won 14 laureate awards and special jury prizes. Many theatrical figures from the Urals and Siberia know about artistic achievements of the theatre. There are 34 plays for different categories of the audience in the current theatre repertoire. The theatre plans to extend the repertoire for the youth, to renew the audience work conception, to conduct tour and festival activities.

      Director, set design, costume design – Kamil Tukaev

      Author of the original literary work – Andrey Usachev

      Playwright – Anna Nikolaeva

      Actors – Anastasiya Gavshina, Denis Rekalo

      Duration – 50 min.

      Age – 4+

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