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In Memoria of Z. Y. Korogodsky

Zinoviy Yakovlevitch Korogodsky was a constant friend, tutor, participant and leader of our festival. His theatre performances went on the festival stage, his theatrical meetings collected spectators of Velikiy Novgorod. Under his leadership the first actors course in Novgorod University was opened in 2001.The master left us in 2004. But his performances always hold him alive in our hearts.

The last performance of Z. Y. Korogodsky

?On ruins of burned out village the troupe of Serbs actors give the performance. One by another comes to life characters of ancient legends, kings and sultans, vampires and mages, innocent victims and awful traitors. The duel between Good and Evil begun in ancient times, is going on nowadays, and history of nation is writing on its land with human blood?

Director? National Artist of Russia Z. Y. Korogodsky

Duration ? 1 h. 20 min.

The Theatre of Generation was founded in 1991. Now theatre troupe consists of professional actors, students of Z. Y. Korogodsky, National Artist of Russia, prizewinner of Stanislavsky Award, professor ? the founder of the Center and the theatre. The actors of the theatre are at the same time the tutors of workshops of the Creative Center ?Family? where adults and children are united through joint creative. There are such places in the repertoire of theatre ?Space of instinct?, ?October, 19?, ?The songs of West Slavs?, ?Play, theatre?, ?Terkin tells about another world?. Now the head of the theatre is Stanislav Mitin.

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