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performance for children
Vania Luraschi

venue: Novgorod Philharmonic Hall

    SUPPORTED BY The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

      This is a show about Time, Nature and Birth. The two main characters Tic and Tac are clowns who live time in two different ways: Tac is very busy and lives frantically, analyzing everything with his instruments and constructing what he needs to live; Tic instead is very relaxed and dreamy. Upon them lives the Lady of Time, who manages the clouds, the rain and the sun. One day she gives them a seed, a strange object that they do not know, even if they perceive its importance, in a different way. The show tells the ?wandering? of the seed with very funny and poetic sketches about time. In the end, despite the distractions and stupidity of man, we have tried to represent a Nature which can realize its own primary aim which is the blossoming of life. Playing this great theme with the ingenuousness and the comic poetry of clowns, theatre has created a theatrical language that will be understood by an international audience.

      • The Teatro Pan is a touring theatre company based in Lugano, Switzerland. It was founded in 1975 and has been touring with its productions for children, youth and adults.
        With its creations it regularly participates in various international theatre festivals around the world. Since its foundation in Lugano the Teatro Pan has become an important cultural and artistic reality of the region and has created synergies between the artists in residence and many guest artists coming from different countries. From the very beginning the Teatro Pan addresses its works mainly to a youth and children public but has the peculiarity of going beyond the borders of age and involves also the adults. The particular care given to the creative work of the actor, the dramaturgy and the choice of the themes of the pieces inspires privileged moments of reflection. Next to the productions the Teatro Pan offers a diverse range of events and projects. Every year it organises the International Theatre Festival FIT and the festival ?Senza confini, grandi e piccini insieme a teatro» (Without borders, children and adults go together to the theatre). It develops also theatrical and pedagogic projects for schools offering young people stimuli for reflection.

      Author ? Vania Luraschi

      Director ? Mario Bianchi

      Stage designer ? Elvis van der Meyden
      Actors — Elena Chiaravalli, Cinzia Morandi

      DURATION ? 50min.

      AGE ? 4+.


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