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a musical play without words
Johannes Rausch, Sabine Wollgens

18 April, 18.00 (on stage of Novgorod theatre “Mali”)

    It seems to be like usual. A man is buying tins in a supermarket, the woman working at the check-out pushes the shopping through the cash desk. You hear the bleeping like usual — ore don`t you?
    With the music the tins come to life, and the familiar supermarket surroundings changes into a dance floor, a playground, a football pitch. The tins get faces and play their short stories about friendship, courage and adventure. Then suddenly appears a ketchup bottle — the world of the tins gets confused. But the ketchup bottle proofs big courage fighting a curious monster.

    • Theatre of Figures / Minimus Maximus Theatre exists more than 25 years producing at least three plays a year mostly for children an young people. We use figures and objects, but also dance and drama.

      Concept and play – Johannes Rausch, Sabine Wöllgens

      Music composer — Matthias Bitschnau

      Stage designer – Johannes Rausch

      Assistant – Stefanie Seidel

      Duration – 40 minutes

      Age – 3+

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