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stories from far away
Nadezhda Alexeeva


The wind is a great traveler; it is happy to help ships in the open sea and it raises the dust on the most distant roads. Silver bells ring with its help and numerous stories, brought by the wind from far away, come true. But where does the wind live? Let’s put off on a journey to find its home. 


“These materials represented by wide linens, different packages, patches are used as the visual form of the natural phenomenon – the wind. Air finds its form; moving of the material creates tangible wind flows. But the theatrical performance is meant not in order to conduct a natural-science experiment. First of all, it is stimulating of the audience’s imagination. The more various an individual cultural context is, the more saturated is the representation… Behind the play of the big and the small (the stage director is fond of “family scenes”: the new version of the play has a jelly-fish-couple with their baby), visual effects, the imagination test of artistic competence and stability of usual things the more serious aspect is considered”         Oblast Kulturi

“Stage director Nadezhda Alexeeva and the group of actors Kristina Mashevskaya, Alexey Korshunov and Oleg Zverev created a very light and clear play for the youngest audience, which, owing to the magical theatre light provided by Larisa Dedukh, turned the wind into a living being. By means of huge polyethylene strips the air literally breaks onto the stage. At one moment little spectators can feel a soft breeze, at another – a heavy ocean gale with the splashes. A chain of short stories flits along: the one about a small worm trying to catch a firefly, the one about a brave cyclist with a fluttering scarf, another about sweet colorful dreams of a sleeping girl” (“Sosedi” newspaper).

“The main character on the stage is an element, the wind from Pushkin’s fairy-tales and from crossroads. This character cannot be seen on the stage, but can be seen on viewers’ faces. It brings an unbelievably beautiful spirit of imagination. A non-verbal story about the search for the sense of the wind performed by three actors and the huge wind, which has to be fought against, which has to be listened to and be heard is, perhaps, a better and more colorful adventure, than just a play. Director Nadezhda Alexeeva discovers hidden abilities of a child: an ability to be closer to elements, than to their conquest, and to dream in situations where a grow-up expects to find an arranged story. The play turns into a fountain of illusions and transformations”  Gogol.Ru

“The actors told the young audience about the wind using no words – only visual and tactile effects. Stage director of the Novgorod theatre Nadezhda Alexeeva believes that such format is the most suitable option for the youngest viewers. Nadezhda Alexeeva determined the play as “tactile-dramatic” and explained that visual-effects performances maintain children’s ability to percept the world through the perspective of dreams” (RIA “Voronezh”)

Performance participant of official Year of Russia in Japan 2018

Performance participant of International Theatre festival ricca ricca festa, Okinawa, Japan, 2018

Performance participant of International Theatre festival Il Maggiolino,Lugano, Switzerland, 2018

Performance participant of International Theatre festival TREFF, Tallinn, Estonia, 2017

Performance participant of International Theatre festival LUAGA UND LOSNA, Nenzing, Austria, 2016

Performance participant of International Theatre festival ARTEBEBE, Ravenna and Russi, Italy, 2015

Performance participant of International Theatre Kingfestival Velikiy Novgorod, 2015

Participant of International Theatre festival “Big Breakfest” in Moscow and Voronezh (Russia) 2014

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage Designer, video designer — Igor Semonov
Light designer — Larisa Deduh


Kristina Mashevskaya
Alexey Korshunov
Marina Vikhrova
Actor’s assistents — Elena Fedotova, Anastasia Alexeeva

Age — 3+


Duration — 40 min



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