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play on the earth ? on the water ? in the air, with poems by Otto Orban, and music by Janos Novak
Otto Orban


    Two colorful feathers start an expedition around the world. They want to discover the world and they do this in poems and songs, on the earth, on the water, in the air and among the stars. Everyday objects, tables, pillows, quilts, barrel-organs, spintops, pictures, sounds, our hands, our legs and our own shadows invite us to play. We wander with magic poems awake, in a dream, during the day and during the night. The theatre experience help children improving their communicative competence, vocabulary and knowledge. The joyful moments can be recalled after years at home, in a familiar environment.

    • Kolibri Theatre started its work as an alternative puppet theatre in 1992 with the separation of the State Puppet Theatre. Our maintainer is the City Council of Budapest. The theatre operates with a permanent company which at the beginning was comprised of puppeteers but by now the puppet and prose section have become equally important. This is the first theatre for children in Hungary where each child age-group can find the performance suitable for their interest, and their mental and psychological development. Our three venues, Kolibri Theatre, the Nest and the Cellar await our audience with a particular image and independent artistic program, thus complementing each other. Our rich repertory is characterized by a variety of genres and responsiveness to what is new. The new chamber theatre forms of children?s theatre are accepted in Kolibri Theatre. In these forms we can break free from the formal bonds of auditorium-style children?s performances and the genre can finally show its true strength. Our audience is used to the variety of repertory which entails a multi-faceted use of artistic means from puppet performances to ?live? theatre, from interactive poetic games to adventure tales, from monodramas to musicals. We play for 5-12-year?old children most often, but we stage an ever growing number of plays for teenagers and we?re launching the development of artistic programs for early years with interest.

    Director, music composer ? Janos Novak
    Stage designer ? Klaudia Orosz
    Actors — Rita Alexics, Melinda Megyes, Szabolcs Ruszina
    Musician ? Tamas Meszaros
    Overhead projector ? Erika Gor

    Duration ? 30 +15 min

    Age ? 0-4

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