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by Evgeniy Grishkovets

Frosty winter night, two young soldiers are sent to perform some
mysterious task. Freezing in the forest, they are waiting impatiently for the morning to come. They are not allowed to light the fire, not allowed to smoke. Then, like a dream appears Snow Maiden, or maybe she is not Snow Maiden, she is their schoolmate, or mother, or maybe just
a fantasy. Reality blends with imagination.

  • ARKHANGELSK YOUTH THEATRE was created in 1975 by Viktor Panov with support of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute and its president, professor and People’s Artist of USSR Boris Zahava. In August 1991 Theatre gains the status of Regional State Youth Theatre. Artistic manager of Theatre and director of the majority of performances is Honored Art Worker of Russia Viktor Panov. Directors from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Poland and USA cooperate with the Theatre. Famous painter from Arkhangelsk, Boris Kopylov, became co-author of some performances and some of them were designed with the assistance of famous artist Irina Birulya (Saint-Petersburg). In 2007 the Theatre acquired it’s own scene after 13 years of reconstruction, from that moment on almost every performance of the theatre is performed on it’s stage.

    Director, music composer, stage designer — Victor Panov

    Choreography — Olga Shanina

    Actors — Stepan Polezhaev, Nazar Oniszhuk, Anastasia Dedyoshina

    Duration ? 1 hour

    Age ? 15+


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